“Readers of Eye for an Eye will not only be in for a gripping story but will learn some of the trauma, struggles—even demons— that drive victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder into therapy. It’s fun to share a character or two as this fine writer can get inside their head like no one else!”—Sean Salazar, author of The Babylon Prophecy

“Dr. Chris Nelson is the prototype for this century’s next hero. He’s smart and tough, but people-oriented and psychologically sophisticated. We are used to our heroes having mysterious enemies, exotic settings, and interesting people they meet along the way. New to us as readers is the very realistic introduction into the world of therapy, trauma, and PTSD. We are soon drawn into the most exotic setting of all: the human mind! The action is tense here… but the interaction of people both in and out of session is sensitive, very accurate, and certainly something quite new to action novels.”—David J. Reynolds, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Joseph...Congrats on a really good book. Just finished "Eye for an Eye" and was enthralled with the story and the writing. I'll recommend to any mystery reader I see. Just finished "Eye for an Eye" and was enthralled with the story and the writing. I would recommend to any mystery reader. The pace builds from page one and character development is excellent. Some parts are disturbing, but necessary components of the story. Art Spinella, Drago Mysteries

FIRST REVIEW ON AMAZON.COM!: "Sex and violence sells many a book. But those two are not gratuitous, for Dr. V makes every act vital to the ever increasing suspense in the book. Eminently readable, one is eager to turn the page to find out what adventure lies there. Everyone who desires to delve into the depths of how the human mind, perhaps the greatest mystery of all, can be manipulated for either good or evil must read the novel, "Eye for an Eye," by Joseph Vizzard, Ph.D. Dr V. is well qualified, for he is an expert psychologist with over 38 years of experience helping patients around the world better understand themselves. The premise of this book is how good triumphs over evil, but only after a long hazard-filled struggle. The hero Dr Chris Nelson, a psychologist, dedicates himself to defeat an evil villain, Dr Charles Beauchamp, a prominent psychiatrist who uses the power of hypnosis to seduce lovely young female patients, such as the first heroine, Sandra. There's much more, for the good doctor brings in PTSD, a redneck cop, a beautiful lawyer, thugs, Atlanta, the Pacific northwest, Mt Hood, a poisonous snake, the Brotherhood and even a CIA snitch. Each character is strongly-drawn, but believable. If you like a mystery that I bet you can't solve, then this is your book." --Jim H.


A one-of-a-kind story told in a way that grips you from the moment you begin reading! I highly recommend this book for many reasons. Dr. Vizzard takes the reader on a journey so captivating that it's difficult to put the book down. In addition, many underlying themes are present throughout the story: good versus evil, the necessity (or is it?) of violence in order to have peace and healing, the law of attraction - the power one has to draw experiences into one's life, the power of unconditionally accepting the curve balls that can be thrown into one's life, and the possible conspiracies that exist in our country. This story has many layers to be appreciated. --Laura1234

Gotta agree with reviewer 'Jim': a quintessential slice of the genre, fast paced beginning to end. Heroes, murderers, conspiracies, what's not to like? --M Sharp

"I love your book. A real page turner. I keep reading and forgetting why I'm here." (Visiting a son she hadn't seen in a while). A day later: "I finished your book. Now I can be a decent guest. Great reading! When can I expect the second of the trilogy?" --Edie S.

Author's note: A sequel is already under way. Despite Chris's intention to return to the "normal" life of a psychologist, he, Katie and the redneck cop, Brent, are already getting into trouble. Stay tuned!

"It's really good so far!! Very impressive!! I'm excited to keep reading it!!" Further into the book: "So vivid, I feel like I'm right there with the characters. I dare people to read it, don't be a chicken." --Lyndsey P.

"I finished your book with in a very short period of time after I received it. I enjoyed reading it. I am an avid reader and truly love a good book. I must admit that the first part about what Sandra went thru was very hard to read. In fact after reading about what happened to her I had to put the book down and did not pick it back up for 3 days. I tend to get way too immersed in characters. After picking it back up, I could not put it down. I must admit there were times when I yelled out loud at your main character. I also had moments that took my breath away and I gasped. You are a talented writer Joseph and I look forward to reading your future works!" --Laura G.

"The BOOK is great!! It's so you!! I hear your voice. It's as though you are reading the words to me. All your kindness and wisdom shows through. "Good Job" "Bravo" and all the accolades!!!!" --Char B.

"Clarence and I have finished reading your book and think it's terrific! Having tried to write dialogue (back in the 70s when I was studying Science Fiction), I truly admire authors who can write decent dialogue and succeed in making the characters so believable they are like acquaintances. We read mystery novels all the time and found it refreshing to read a story with a different slant-- PTSD-- and, also, the authenticity given your rich background in the field of clinical psychology. You carried it all off so well. You must feel really good about the result. Anyway, we are eagerly awaiting the next (?) Chris Nelson book!" --Clare H.

"OMG! A real page turner! I burned through. I finished this morning around 4 AM. What a screamer. A really great read.OK now, what happens next - sign me up!" –James F.

"Really enjoying the book. I polish off a few chapters an evening. It has managed to hold my interest. I am a lazy reader if not hooked in from the beginning.....and I was! It is hard to put down!" –Lela B.

"I am letting people know just how much I like your book, which I do. I hope you realize just how fast the next one will need to be written. LOL!!!!! It is amazing how you are able to bring a person right into the story and walk with Chris. Not very many authors are able to elicit the vision along with the emotion. They both carry the reader faster and faster to the culmination. I felt you were very good but I didn't realize just how good. You have the ability to lock in the reader where the reader remembers the emotion and the scenes. I have done much theater and I see this can be a real hot one. Never for stage though, that would cut the fast movement and the visuals." -- Marcia W.

"OMG!!! the book is getting sooo good...been reading while waiting to see if i made it onto the jury. I DID!!! More after the trial is over I will keep reading every chance i get...LOVE IT!!!" --Diana H.

"Finished Eye For An Eye. Perfect for the lazy reader that I am. Full of moving and lots of drama. You set the scene wonderfully with your descriptions of sights, scents and food. Not to mention a little libido here and there! With psychotherapy, hypnosis and your Law of Attraction skillfully woven in." –Lela B.

"This book gives some beautiful visual descriptives! It is indeed a page-turner, and I love the character development (half way through)." --Cheryl F.

"I was instantly captivated from the very first page, although disturbing it was absolutely necessary in the development of the novel. It isn't often that you pick up a book and it holds your attention from beginning to end! This novel is well written and thought out. The character development is absolutely superb. Bravo' to the writer. I enjoyed it thoroughly. My "fight/flight" response kicked in during much of the very intense parts of this novel, when that happens you know it’s captivating your senses and through this I was catapulted into the story and by the end I was wanting more." --pkc

“What a wonderfully written book! Though it starts out kind of rough, but there is a reason for that and it makes sense. My gosh!!! I have to literally make myself put it down or I won't get any sleep!! Now that I know there is a sequel coming out, I have to try and read slower so when I get done, the sequel will be ready to purchase!!! Action packed, easy to follow! Watch out for paper cuts when turning that page too fast to find out what is happening next!” –Annie S.

“This book is a real gripper - I couldn't put it down. Since the author is a "real" psychologist with an active practice as stated in his biography, the premise of the book and the character development I'm sure are real. And the book is compelling and brilliant. While I am tempted to compare Joseph Stephen Vizzard to other best-selling authors in this genre (and we all know who they are), I refrain since "Eye for an Eye" is truly unique. I just hope Alex Cross has read this book. I can't wait for the next installment. I'm hooked for life. I hope Joseph Stephen Vizzard is younger than I so I can keep enjoying his creativity.” –James F.

“When I first picked up this book I thought it sounded like a good read. It was Great! I didn't except it to pull me in one page at a time until I could not put it down. I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. I hope the author will write more adventures for Chris Nelson psychologist with a gun.” –Jen D.

“Joseph Vizzard is an excellent writer. His use of descriptive language gives beautiful visual images. I am struck by how poignant some of the scenes are, I honestly couldn't put the book down. There is drama, action, emotion, and even some humor. There are some scenes that are a little shocking by some pretty deranged characters, but the scenes fit well into the overall story. I am impressed by this first book and I look forward to more from this author. I highly recommend this book.” –“Lovestoread” (from posting)

"Spellbinding" and "Compelling" and "Pageturner" seem so overused if you ask me but they truly apply to this novel. The story is well placed and easy to follow-it has everything l enjoy in a book,action,violence,a little romance and mystery and great characters! A must read ! Just make sure you have some free time because you won't wanna put it down." --Anonymous on

"Want a fresh, contemporary, fast moving, engaging read?Try AN EYE FOR AN EYE by clinical psychologist Dr Joseph Stephen Vizzard.Written with skill and authority, Dr Vizzard weaves his vast knowledge of evil, heroes, villains and human behavior into a gripping mystery and rip-roaring adventure. I'm looking forward to a sequel." --Audrey on

"An assured debut novel. Vizzard widens the gamut of sensibilities used in 'whodunits' and dignifies the reader with a genre-busting journey into the human condition. His adroit pacing, character exposés, and gift for rising tension plays out like a fugue for the spirit. Watch out, this could be the start of an important literary career!" --Gruntbuggly on

"I'm halfway through it - WOW! - it's fantastic - I had no idea you were such a good author - where did you learn to write so well? I think it should be made into a movie - SERIOUS - that would be a great movie. :)" --Peggy

"EYE for an Eye brings to the reader the full paced plot,despicable characters, a strong and likable hero, strong, tough and intelligent set in a psychological thriller storyline. You will not be able to put this down and you will want more!!!" --DannB on

"A MUST READ NOVEL! What a great book! To me the sign of a good book is when I totally forget what time of day or day of the week it is while I am reading, and that is exactly what happened. There were times when I found I was holding my breath. I await Joseph Vizzard's next book with eager anticipation!" --Lauraelaine, review on

Barnes & Noble: Posted January 25, 2012 "I highly recommend Eye for an Eye. Suspenseful. A real page turner! The author has blended mystery, suspense and the psychological workings of minds gone into a very dark side. The hero, who is a psychologist, finds himself into the mix of murder, rape, paid killers, a secret society and a touch of the CIA. I could not put this book down. It is extremely well written and holds the reader from first paragraph to the period on the last page. This is an adult book. It would be interesting for book club discussions. Is very well written. I am waiting for book two!" --BookBugMW

New review: February 9, 2012 "Fantastic!! This is a must read! I know this is slated for the movies! - what a page turner and so exciting to read - wonderful writer. --PJ

"The book is amazing! I'm really enjoying the story and I'm recommending it to everyone I know. :) --Laura J.

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