About the Author

Joseph Stephen Vizzard received his Doctorate in Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology from University of Portland in 1973. In his 38 years of clinical practice, Dr. Vizzard has worked extensively with trauma, anxiety, depression and people who suffer from chronic physical problems (especially chronic pain). He has worked, taught and practiced in Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia and, finally, Washington State, just north of Seattle, where he has an active private practice. He lived in Germany for a year, where he also did some teaching.

Early in his career, Dr. Vizzard briefly worked for a therapist who was accused of sexually abusing his female clients. That a professional would do such a thing shocked him. Dr. Vizzard ended up working with several women who were former patients of this therapist. While he was able to play a significant role in the healing of these women, what he learned left an indelible mark on him. On the one hand, he observed the huge damage that such abuse inflicted; on the other, he was directly involved in therapy that resolved trauma and brought about deep healing. This was Dr. Vizzard’s first introduction to the world of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It struck Dr. Vizzard that truth truly is stranger than fiction. So he decided to take the core of the actual story and make it the basis of a mystery novel. Thus began a long period of time during which the writing of this novel was interrupted by being too busy helping clients to write. Along the way, Dr. Vizzard encountered many more cases of PTSD from such populations as Armed Services veterans (especially Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan); severe accidents; and people who have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually. PTSD remains one of his specialties.

Thus, it took far too long to complete this novel. Life gets in the way. But Dr. Vizzard finally had to listen to his own counsel to clients. Often, he asks clients to look inside and acknowledge those aspects of themselves that have been neglected and denied. When he looked at this for himself, he realized that he loved to write but was always too “busy” to spend time with his passion. Often, the closest he came to writing was a “short story” about a client’s emotional functioning in the form of a psychological evaluation. This novel is the result of finally connecting with his passion.

Dr. Vizzard is already working on the sequel to Eye for an Eye. His central characters, Chris Nelson, Katie Kirchner, and Brent Heard will once again be drawn into a world full of intrigue and trauma.

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